Blackjack Casino Game

All the players know, blackjack is the game that attracts many players. It is simple and still entertaining. As this game is so loved among players, that is quite obvious that there exist many variations of blackjack, and each of them is loved equally by players.
In this article we try to cover the 4 main blackjack casino games which possess an alternative gameplay in comparison with regular blackjack. The differences may not be significant, but still these games may vary your common gameplay and add more fun for your spare time.

Blackjack Casino Games: Tournament Blackjack

Firstly, we mean the tournament blackjack variation covers the tournament system (format) of gameplay. This system peculiarity develops into:

  • PvP gameplay;
  • Fixed number of rounds to detect a winner;
  • Eliminated rounds presence (knock-out format);
  • Entry fee to subscribe to a tournament.

Tournament blackjack variant is likely to be the final destination for any professional player. It requires all player skills and knowledge + ability to play in public, with high rates of payoffs and level of responsibility.

Blackjack Casino Games: Blackjack Switch

The next popular blackjack variation is Blackjack Switch - amusing and favorable for a player. The main game principle lays in option for a player to switch cards between two hands. Let’s consider the following example:

  • You place two equal bets instead of regular one;
  • Dealer distributes 4 cards for you which form 2 hands of yours;
  • You get, say, “3 + a queen” and “9 + 7”;
  • Now, as at one magic stick stroke, you may switch the second cards of your hands: a queen ←” 7;
  • So now you have “3 + 7” and “9 + a queen” combinations and the second hand of yours is more favorable for you now.

Still other Blackjack Switch rules mirror the regular blackjack rules and game principles.

Blackjack Casino Games: Multiple Action Blackjack

Now let’s pass on to Multiple Action Blackjack featuring the same rules as the standard blackjack with one important difference - a player is permitted to wager maximum 3 bets for one hand. Plus, a dealer discards additional cards after each round played and leave the initial one only.
The general game mechanics stay the same (as in standard blackjack) and the multiple bet option is the key feature which adds more amusement and fun to a regular gameplay.

Blackjack Casino Games: Virtual Blackjack

With the Internet introduction and development, the casinos get a chance to appear in online world. Online casinos offer a great variety of gambling activities for a player to choose and experience.
In fact, virtual blackjack occupies a special place among the internet games and activities. This game type features the next favorable and profitable points:

  • Training modes and free games (no time limits and money to pay);
  • Proven and certified sites which guarantee the safety of your gameplay;
  • A huge variety of blackjack variations available at one site;
  • Great bonuses and extras for a gambler to increase his/her odds and winning payouts;
  • Instant and free access to a gambling world within your home.