Blackjack Odds and Probabilities

Blackjack game has one very interesting feature that attracts many players – anyone can master the skill and become a game professional. You all heard of famous sport players that made history in soccer and basketball for example. However, those players had natural talent and a sense for the game that can't be developed. In blackjack things are different: every player can become a blackjack legend with some patience and determination.

Mastering Skill and Practice

Edward Thorpe was not a great blackjack player. In fact, he always stated that mathematics is more important than blackjack for him. However, he became a legend in this game, and every blackjack player of our times knows this great player. Although his books are somewhat old, as game of blackjack changed in the last 50 years due to the development of online gambling, reading his books won't hurt. You won't find useful strategies there, but you will surely begin to think as a blackjack master. Moreover, his strategies can be developed and improved to suit the current blackjack rules and conditions.

One of the most useful tips for making your game skill better is to watch table all the time. Even if you are not counting the cards, knowing the combinations of your opponents won't hurt. If the dealer has an Ace faced up and all your opponents have royal cards, playing the respective game with your lousy pair of threes might not be such a good idea. This is why you should also know when to surrender. However, this strategy is successful for a game played with a single deck of cards. For the versions containing many decks, you could still hope for a high card even in those conditions.

Increasing Your Luck

Luck can't be influenced! you might say. Well, this is true if we were talking about lottery, but for the 21 game, changing the luck is the secret weapon of the blackjack gurus. We are not talking about magic or voodoo rituals; we are talking about simple methods to change the odds and house edge.

You should also pay attention to the casino paybacks. The payback percentage is the commission taken by the casino for hosting the blackjack table. The payback percentage must be stated on the site. Find a casino with a payback percentage at least 95.5 %. However, lower numbers might be accepted. In any case, don't go lower than 93 percent.

Playing any casino game your main goal is to make you winning chances as high as possible. Knowing the cards that are out of the game is the best method to do so. For the third hand of the game, you already have a general idea about the cards that are still in the game. Use cards counting if you know the method, and the house edge could go even higher. Some players are claiming that their cards counting strategies would take this percentage up to 99 %.